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Blacksmith shop

April 10, 2010

Böðvar beside some of the items he makes for our sales shop.

The Viking Age inspires a lot of re-enactors. Gunnar Marel was of course inspired to build and sail his ship using Viking Age techniques. But there are other re-enactors interested in retrieving other aspects of Viking Age know-how. Here in town there lives a friendly, dedicated, Viking enthusiast who specializes in Viking Age blacksmithing. He does not do replicas, the way Gunnar does, but rather seeks inspiration from the Viking Age. But he looks very much like  a Viking, with long hair and a braided beard, and he believes in the Viking pagan gods. So he is a re-enactor not just on the  weekends, the way some are. Nope, he just lives with the Viking Age on his mind all the time.

He and Gunnar are gathering wood and stones and clay to build a blacksmith hut out in the field beside the museum. It will be a bit of an experiment to see if Icelandic clay can be used in a kiln or not.

I am looking forward to seeing the progress of their endeavors, and I am sure our visitors will be also. He stops by my house every few weeks, to let me know how it is going, just they way they would have done it in the Viking Age.

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  1. Karen permalink

    Does your new friend have a name? You mention Gunar and compare him to Gunar, but you don’t actually mention this fellow’s name.

    • Hello Karen,

      I fixed that when I edited the post later that day. His name is Böðvar, but I usually call him Buddy.

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