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Local museum, local politics

May 30, 2010

Well Víkingaheimar was a little microcosm of political activity the last three weeks, ever since Gunnar Marel Eggertsson declared his candidacy for the Venstri Græn party. This caused a bit of a stir, since the museum was started with the support of Árni Sigfus and other Sjalfstæðimenn. It added a layer of tension onto normal discussions and meetings. Hopefully, with the election over, we are all more or less over ourselves, and can stop being so uptight and performative. There is actual work to be done, with the summer tourist seasons just about to heat up, and a museum really ought not to be about promoting a political group. Museums have a learning agenda, a particular point they are trying to make, on their own, which is tricky enough as an interplay between text, object, architectural space, and visitor experience, without adding onto that the complexity of local politics.


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