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August 22, 2010

This upcoming Friday, August 27th, the head curator from the Smithsonian Institution’s Arctic Studies Center, Dr. William Fitzhugh, will be coming to Iceland. He was in charge of the exhibition Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga, a portion of which is now on permanent display at Vikingaheimar museum.

I of course worked with Dr. Fitzhugh at the Smithsonian and consider him not only a colleague but a friend. So I am very much looking forward to showing him how the exhibition we worked on together has taken shape here in Iceland. I have kept him “in the loop” about a number of decisions I was making regarding the exhibition, but he is actually the only person that will really be able to appreciate the difference between the exhibition as it was at the Smithsonian, and the exhibition as it is now in Vikingaheimar. I am not worried that he’ll be displeased with anything, because really in every decision I made over the last two years, I kept firmly in mind the training I had received at the Smithsonian under his tutelage. But I do know what a critical and demanding exhibition curator he is, so I expect a number of critiques and helpful suggestions.

Vikingaheimar received a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavík Iceland to support Dr. Fitzhugh’s visit, so I have been planning a number of events for him between Friday and Tuesday the 31st. We will have a reception for him Friday night at Vikingaheimar, and he’ll be holding public lectures in the Westfjords (on Saturday the 28th) and in Reykjavík (on Monday the 30th). Then the Embassy is hosting a dinner for him on the 31st.

I expect his visit will generate some new ideas about what else we could be doing at Vikingaheimar, and also how we could be improving on what we are doing. It is all very exciting!


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  1. mark permalink

    good luck to you!

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